About Us

Resurrection Parish

Founded by the Lithuanian Franciscan Friars (O.F.M), Resurrection Parish has been serving the Lithuanian Roman Catholic community in Toronto since 1953. Originally located on College St., the parish relocated to its current home in 2001.

Catholic worship in the Lithuanian language, and in English, is the core of the Resurrection parish community. A longstanding tradition of charitable works strengthens the community as we come together to support those in need, both in Lithuania and closer to home. The parish also serves as a hub for Lithuanian cultural activities in Toronto.

Regular activities include preparation for the sacraments of initiation, Children’s liturgy, a vibrant music program for choristers of all ages, a Young Families club, and the “Aušra” basketball club. Every Sunday after Mass there is an opportunity for fellowship, and all can enjoy traditional Lithuanian cuisine.

The parish is also home to the Lithuanian Canadian Community, Resurrection Credit Union and the “Volunge” Choir.

Several annual events have been bringing parishioners and friends of the parish together for decades; semi-annual rummage sales, the parish dinner, and the Christmas Concert. The yearly Run for Hope, a relatively recent tradition in support of St. Anthony’s Oncology Centre in Klaipėda, began in 2013.

Camp Kretinga, also founded by the Lithuanian Franciscan Friars, continues to provide children and youth with summer fun and learning, in a Catholic and Lithuanian environment.  

All are welcome here. Come join in all the parish community has to offer, and share your time and talents.