Children's Liturgy

The children's liturgy takes place once a month during the 11am mass from September to June and is led by parents of participating children. Though it's helpful to have a teaching or coaching background, all parents can put themselves forward to lead the children's liturgy. Volunteers welcome! Parents are encouraged to help out during the children's liturgy.

Typically, the children's liturgy takes place during the sermon in both English and Lithuanian to ensure all children can comfortably participate. After a short prayer, the participating parents and children discuss the main themes of the sermon and readings. Using concrete examples from day to day life at school or in their family, children then participate in a craft that reflects the teachings of the day. The children also help make crafts which are used for the offerings which the children bring to the alter during special children's masses.

To enquire and/or volunteer please call Gitana at 416-533-0621

Childrens Liturgy